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Why We Are Different

We believe in clean, high quality functional ingredients.  This means that:

  • We only sell what our family uses.
  • Our products are packaged in-house daily in small batches within our own facility in Denver, Colorado. 
  • We try to source as many of our ingredients locally. Some of our ingredients are from our home state of Colorado.
  • When sourcing ingredients from outside of the USA, we hold high standards of quality. For example, our Erythritol is made from apples and pears in France and our Matcha comes directly from Japan.  
  • We can trace our ingredients and try to work with sustainable, small, family owned farms.
  • We supply bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, other brands, individual customers and our own kitchen with our products and ingredients.
  • We have so much pride in our products that we'll give our customers a 100% money back guarantee.  If you don't like our product, just send it back!