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Benefits of Chia Seeds


Also known as Salvia hispanica, chia seeds have benefits that improve various systems and functions in the human body. This is why eating them on their own or as a flavor enhancer for a variety of dishes can give you and your family a great advantage.


All Of Our Chia Seeds Are:

  • Certified OU Kosher, NON-GMO, GLUTEN-FREE & RAW
  • Grown in South America and Mexico
  • FDA Inspected
  • Omega-3s, Antioxidants, Fiber, Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, &  Iron


Chia Seeds Benefits Include: 

  • Highest Plant Source Of Omega-3 On The Planet
  • Heart Health ~ Mental Health & Digestive Health
  • Can Help Reduce the "Bad" (LDL) Cholesterol
  • Contain More Antioxidants Than Blueberries.
  • A Complete Protein With All 9 Amino-Acids.
  • Excellent Source Of Calcium, Magnesium & Iron.
  • Chia Seeds Are 100% Natural, Raw, Non-GMO & Gluten-Free!


    Good for the Heart 

    Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, one of the chia seed's health benefits is its contribution to maintaining and even improving the heart's condition. It does this by normalizing blood pressure and controlling bad cholesterol levels. 

    Mostly found in fish, Omega-3 is also very abundant in chia seeds. Furthermore, the seeds' nutty, pleasant flavor makes it easier to eat and integrate into every meal. This is especially true for individuals who aren't fond of seafood. 

    Healthy Weight-Loss Wonder 

    Its high-fiber content makes it perfect for individuals who want to lose a few pounds. Moreover, they are versatile enough to easily blend with most healthy meals, from salads and shakes to pudding and sandwiches. 

    Other ways to prepare these seeds include creating a gel by mixing them with water. Because of its thick consistency, it can trick the body into thinking it is full, ultimately eliminating cravings that could ruin a carefully-planned diet. 

    Energizing Seeds 

    Given that your energy levels depend on what you eat, adding these seeds to your meals will make sure you have enough fuel to go through each day. This is because one of the benefits chia seeds provide is a high protein content, which helps give energy when carbohydrate levels are low. 

    Age-Defying Additives 

    Aging is an issue most people don't take lightly, and it dictates what an individual can and cannot eat to slow down the process. Luckily, by looking at the chia seed's nutrition facts and contents, you'll see that they are a rich source for anti-aging antioxidants. 

    Antioxidants are essential in preventing free-radical damage in your body. Free-radicals are responsible for premature skin aging as well as the inflammation of various tissues. 

    Chia seeds are also naturally detoxifying grains. It can absorb 12 times its weight in water, as compared to flaxseed, which can only absorb six to eight times its weight. This decreases its transit time as it passes through the digestive tract, cleaning up toxins as it goes.

    Stronger Bone Health and Functionality 

    These seeds contain six times more calcium than milk, and more protein than soy. It also contains magnesium and boron, essential trace minerals used in encouraging the absorption of calcium and other vitamins that help maintain good bone health. 

    Experience chia seeds' health benefits by getting a supply of this wonderful superfood for your home today!